I am Arianna, the founder of M & M Soaps.  I thank you for visiting this space!

I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, a creative, an herbalist, a healer and a work in progress who still has so much to do in this lifetime. My goal in creating this space is to contribute to your quality of life by providing you with useful, encouraging and life-changing information.  I believe wholeheartedly that by making mindful decisions in seemingly small things, such as what we eat, what we feed our minds and the products we use on a daily basis, we can drastically improve our health on a physical and even on a spiritual level. These small steps are what I consider to be the necessary catalyst for us to be able to transform our future and that of our children in a positive way.

This blog in an extension of our mission and our values at M & M Soaps.   I truly hope you find the information shared here informative, empowering and inspiring. My goal is to raise awareness on all things that affect our collective health and well- being. I will that in this exchange of ideas, you are motivated to consider the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of living a more holistic and intentional life.

Join me on this journey, where I will share positive and life-changing ideas, personal experiences and thoughts on things that are relevant for us to live a more fulfilled and aligned life.


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